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Taxi Services in Liverpool

Freephone Taxis Ltd

Telephone: 0151-709 5959
Address: 72-76 Duke St, Liverpool, L1 5AA

Liver Davy Ltd

Telephone: 0151-709 4646
Address: 72-76 Duke St, Liverpool, L1 5AA

Davy Liver Ltd

Telephone: 0151-708 7080
Address: 21 Stafford St, Liverpool, L3 8LX

Central Cars

Telephone: 0151-260 1010
Address: 15 Whitefield Rd, Liverpool, L6 5DD

Blue Line Network

Telephone: 0151-709 0101
Address: 112A Oakfield Rd, Walton, Liverpool, L4 0UQ

Excel Radio Cars

Telephone: 0151-728 8888
Address: 209 Park Rd, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 6SE

Curzon Taxis Ltd

Telephone: 0151-260 4545
Address: Lockerby Rd, Liverpool, L7 0HG

Pool Cars

Telephone: 0151-280 8080
Address: 72 Prescot Rd, Fairfield, Liverpool, L7 0JA

Botanic Cars

Telephone: 0151-220 2121
Address: Unit 4/Botanic Ind Est/Edge La, Fairfield, Liverpool, L7 9LJ

K & D Cars

Telephone: 0151-922 0055
Address: 2 Hawthorne Rd, Bootle, L20 2DN

Penny Lane

Telephone: 0151-727 3800
Address: 90A Aigburth Rd, Liverpool, L17 7BN

Associated Cars

Telephone: 0151-284 4848
Address: 108 Cherry La, Liverpool, L4 8SF

Connollys Taxis

Telephone: 0151-228 9564
Address: Merseyside Office/Cheadle Av, Liverpool, L13 3AE

Strom McCall Sefton

Telephone: 0151-922 4548
Address: Pacific Rd, Bootle, L20 4DX

Metro Radio Cabs

Telephone: 0151-933 6000
Address: 463 Stanley Rd, Bootle, L20 5DN

Metro Cabs

Telephone: 0151-922 7464
Address: 151 Linacre La, Bootle, L20 6AA

Seaforth Radio Cars

Telephone: 0151-928 6565
Address: 105 Bridge Rd, Litherland, Liverpool, L21 2PB

Knotty Ash Private Hire

Telephone: 0151-259 2000
Address: 246 East Prescot Rd, Liverpool, L14 5NG

Old Swan Private Hire

Telephone: 0151-228 0101
Address: 246 East Prescot Rd, Liverpool, L14 5NG

Valley Cable Cars

Telephone: 0151-722 3232
Address: 85 Francis Way, Liverpool, L16 5EN

Jubilee Taxis

Telephone: 0151-920 7000
Address: 65 South Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 5PE

A1 Taxis

Telephone: 0151-480 7777
Address: 2a Dinas La, Liverpool, L36 2NP

Delta The

Telephone: 0151-924 7373
Address: 7 Glen Buildings/Moor La, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 2UN

Capital Cars

Telephone: 0151-428 7777
Address: 118 Hunts Cross Av, Liverpool, L25 8SQ

Blueline Taxis (Maghull)

Telephone: 0151-526 5050
Address: 54-56 Station Rd, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 3DB

Knowsley Black Kabs

Telephone: 0151-546 5599
Address: 12 Gale Rd, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7YB
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