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Some Festivals in Liverpool

Privateer Days

This annual festival celebrates Liverpool's famous Privateers - Government-sanctioned pirates of sorts who looted enemy ships and shared the goods with the commonwealth. The long list of festivities includes a street party, a rum run, various reenactments, a tour of the old burial grounds and much more.
International Liverpool Ukulele Ceilidh

An annual event in Liverpool since 2006, this festival celebrates ukulele playing and music through concerts, workshops and jam sessions. Open mike nights, street performances and mini-concerts about town are offered.
Liverpool International Theatre Festival

This five-day festival is held every two years in the town of Liverpool, Nova Scotia in the historic Astor Theatre. Amateur theatre troupes from around the world as well as Nova Scotia are invited to perform and awards are presented at the Closing ceremonies. The next Festival will be held in May of 2012.
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