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The Albert Dock

The Albert Dock is Britain's most popular heritage attraction and three times winner of the Best Large Attraction in the North West award.

There are scores of speciality shops and coster carts, bars, restaurants and cafes, together with world-class attractions such as the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Museum of Liverpool Life, Beatles Story and Tate Gallery. See where Granada TV filmed "This Morning" including Fred the Weatherman on his floating weather map.

The five impressive buildings which form the Albert Dock complex stand as a reminder of Liverpool's history as a great and prosperous port. Designed and built for Jesse Hartley for the sum of £514,475 8s 1d, and opened by Prince Albert in 1846, these imposing buildings were once overflowing with precious cargoes from foreign lands. The Dock Traffic Office, now home to Granada T.V's News Centre, was added in 1848 and in 1852 the Cooperage and Dock Master's House completed the scheme.

However, docks built to accommodate sailing ships could not provide deep enough water for the new steamships, and after 1890 trade declined, leaving the Albert Dock largely disused until its closure in 1972.

Following a spectacular refurbishment by the Arrowcraft Group in partnership with Merseyside Development Corporation, the Albert Dock was restored to its former glory and is now once again a centrepiece of the renowned Merseyside waterfront. The Albert Dock represents Britain's largest group of grade one listed buildings and contains one and a quarter million square feet of floor space.
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